G.A.E.E.E.I.N. – COVID 19 Food Parcel/Hamper Campaign

G.A.E.E.E.I.N. objectives are to uplift and empower the young people enrolled on our programs/initiatives. Our philosophies are to teach anyone enrolled on our programs/initiatives to fish.
G.A.E.E.E.I.N. received funds from a donor to make up Food Parcels/Hampers and had it delivered to homes for some of the children/students that are enrolled on our programs/initiatives in Manenberg and surrounding areas. Also some seniors and economically challenged.
This delivery was made on the 28 April 2020 and we would like to thank Mr Andrew Laakrajlall for providing his company vehicle and assisting us with the delivery.
We also identified some pensioners as we understood the strain the lock down would have on their household. Many families normally survive off their grandmother’s pensions as they are the main caregivers.
We also identified some economically challenged people from other areas outside Manenberg e.g. Delft, KZN etc.
All in all we handed out over 43 Food Parcels/Hampers that on average costed at R700.00 per hamper. Our N.P.O. looked for the best prices(specials) and bulk buying to ensure these Food Parcels/Hampers had a nutritional balance. It included food that included proteins, dairies and vegetables as we understand with COVID19 that proper nutrition are required to bolster the immune systems. We also included toilet soap, washing powder and sunlight liquid to assist these families with sanitation.
A family in KZN where both parents are terminally ill and have no source of income to sustain themselves also received their Food Parcel/Hamper today.
One grandmother receiving her Food Parcel/Hamper wanted to know if she needed to pose for the camera. Confused we asked her why she had asked us this question? She informed us a few days earlier they were told that if they wanted a Food Parcel/Hamper they were required to pose for pictures to receive a parcel. Our immediate response was no as we believe every person needs to be treated with dignity.
We also dropped off some of these Food Parcels/Hampers and cleaning detergents at the Manenberg Safe House as in these challenging times every bit helps navigating through the COVID19 landmines.
In a nutshell our N.P.O does do Food Parcels/Hampers and Soup Kitchens however due to the lockdown we saw the need to assist these families. We teach everyone to fish.
G.A.E.E.E.I.N.’s overall belief is that the contents placed in these Food Parcels/Hampers are what we as an organisation would want for ourselves and not what we believe must be given to the economically challenged families.
The donor also ensured our regular university students receive data to continue and complete their 2020 academic year.
G.A.E.E.E.I.N. would like to thank our Donor for their open hearts and wallets by making such a huge difference in these recipients lives.