All the young people graduated from the Moral Training and Moral Leadership programs on the 4 December 2014 at a venue in the Athlone Stadium. The young people were treated to a 3 course meal, a selfie corner and a sweet table. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves being in the selfie corner, dressing up and taking pictures of each other.  They had lots of fun and laughter seeing their fellow peers dressed up and posing for their selfies’. All the young people received certificates and were blessed with a “Feel Good” shoe box received from individual donors.  The grade 11 young people received a panama hat and candy walking stick to signify their next progression to grade 12.


G.A.E.E.E.I.N. scheduled a career assessment and guidance session with UWC ( University of the Western Cape) for  grade 12 young people on a Saturday morning. Many of them were seeking more information about their perspective career paths. The young people did an on-line assessment and received a group career talk by qualified career counselors.  It was a cold rainy day and we served them coffee/tea and snacks out of the boot of one of our cars before they did their assessments.  All the students were excited as they were desperately in need of this career guidance experience.  After the career guidance session we took them to Grand West where they were sponsored by the Wimpy restaurant with a R50 voucher for a lunch. G.A.E.E.E.I.N. paid the difference in cost to make this experience memorable.

As part of the Moral Leadership skills program curriculum the students were taught about the importance of leadership. They were exposed to the various leaders in government and business both locally and internationally.  This was to heighten their awareness of parliament as this is where many decisions are made that could positively or negatively impact their lives. This was a free tour and we were blessed by funding received from one of our sponsors to treat every student with a KFC Streetwise 2 and a cooldrink. After the tour we had lunch in the company gardens before they boarded the bus back to school. Some young people even as old as 16 years of age had never eaten any of KFC foods and this made their excursion experience even more exciting.


G.A.E.E.E.I.N. received funding from a donor and utilised the funds on the 8 week Moral Circle program. We targeted the mothers/caregivers of the young people  who graduated from the Moral Training program in 2013.  The mothers/caregivers were excited to form part of the Moral Circle program and showed their  dedication and commitment by attending all the workshops. As part of the curriculum they were taught different parenting styles and how to deal with their adolescent son or daughter. These workshops were interactive and the learnings’ were applied throughout the program.  In weeks 7-8 their adolescent son or daughter   joined the workshop. In this workshop you could cut the air with a knife as the mothers unconsciously communicated that they were the parent and their children had to listen. At first the adolescents were apprehensive but as the program progressed mother/caregiver and adolescent sons or daughters started understanding each other, communicating more openly and cementing their relationships.

The mothers/caregivers who graduated from the Moral Circle program heard from their children about their parliament excursion. They approached G.A.E.E.E.I.N. to take them on this excursion as well. These women were also treated to a lunch sponsored by Nando’s in the Vangate Mall.

The Moral Circle graduation ceremony was held on the 16 August 2014 at the Athlone Stadium.  We organised the ceremony to form part of Woman’s Month celebrated in South Africa honouring women. All the women were excited as some of them had only completed primary school and had never received a certificate in their lives.