The calendar month of June is Youth Month in South Africa which commemorates the 1976 riots as many youth who lost their lives through the struggle for freedom. South Africa has a high youth unemployment rate with many youth feeling despondent with their economic standing. G.A.E.E.E.I.N. organised a 5-day youth program to uplift and empower young people from the 29 June 2015 – 3 July 2015. Our target audience were grades 11/12 and unemployed youth from Manenberg and surrounding areas which was held at the Druiwevlei Community Centre.  From our experiences working in these communities many are challenged with self-confidence, communication, career or job preparedness, goal setting, time management, professionalism etc matters that stifle the growth and development of the youth. This was an interactive 5-Day program that included motivational speakers, a Career Exhibit etc and a certification ceremony. The youth met other youth during the workshop and soon realised they were not alone as others were experiencing the same or similar life experiences. Feedback received from the delegates who attended the workshop were that they felt it ended to soon and they would have liked the program to be run over a 10-day period. G.A.E.E.E.I.N. valued the experiences and the learnings’ which can be utilised in future programs. This Youth Program will be run on an annual basis.




G.A.E.E.E.I.N. received funding from a donor and utilised the funds on the 6 week Moral Circle program.  The mothers/caregivers were excited to form part of the Moral Circle program and showed their  dedication and commitment by attending all the workshops. As part of the curriculum they were taught different parenting styles and how to deal with their adolescent son or daughter. These workshops were interactive and the learnings’ were applied throughout the program. The mothers/caregivers graduated from this program in April 2015.



G.A.E.E.E.I.N. arranged an excursion to Cape Town International Airport at the end of July 2015. These tours are offered by the Airport’s Company South Africa (ACSA) at no cost. There were plus/minus 100 students who attended this excursion. Only 8 students had visited  Cape Tour International Airport prior to this excursion and 2 had flown on an aircraft locally. Sadly many students who were 18 years of age had never visited the airport. Our aim for exposing these students on this excursion was to motivate all students to excel academically in their schooling . Excellent school results make them eligible to qualify for a bursary to study further at a university or a college of their choice and qualify in their respective professions. Cape Tour International Airport can be one of the many gateways for travel in these students lives on both a personal and professional level.


Sharpen Your Network is run every forthright for high school young people (grades 9-12). These young people are taught the importance of developing fruitful sustainable relationships and skills which will provide them with the competitive advantage.  These young people are excited meeting others their age and shows their commitment through their attendance and continuous interaction during the network.