What is our goal in the long run?

G.A.E.3I.N. is a young, creative and dynamic non-profit company which aims to assist and co-operate with government, organisations and communities to make a difference in the lives of mainly disadvantaged young people and women. These people want to excel, and can do so, but are faced with many challenges, personally and structurally, in communities that themselves struggle with societal issues that impact and retard progress.

G.A.E.3I.N. is a non-profit company that adopts the principle of utilizing sponsor funds to uplift and empower communities. We seek donors who are willing to sponsor disadvantaged young people and women to enrol for our skills programs and initiatives.Your funds are used to train, uplift and empower learners and delegates. None of this money is used for administration or fundraising expenses.

"We have a passion to transfer knowledge and education,
to work towards instilling a recycling mindset in our future generations."

Director - Christol

Christol MOSES


Worked over 26 years in the financial industry with management experience
Entrepreneur/Business/Life Coach/ Facilitator
Advanced Diploma in Management (UWC)
B Com Hons in Management (UWC)
Post Graduate Diploma in Communication & Counselling (SACAP)

Director - Hilton

Hilton ESAU


Worked over 26 years in the Financial Industry with administration and management experience More than 15 years experience as an Operational Manager
Post Graduate Certificates in Leadership (UCT)
Management Development (USB),Business Acumen (USB) Advanced Management (WITS)

Director - Debbie

Deborah LEWIS


Debbie Lewis has more than 25 years experience in Human Resources, ranging from Administration, Recruitment & Selection, Training & Development to Industrial Relations Diploma Human Resource Management & Business Administration – Peninsula University of Technology, Labour Law – Global Business Solutions –GIMT University - JHB

Director - Victoria Barthus

Victoria BARTHUS


Victoria Barthus resides in Sydney, Australia and has dual South African citizenship. Last year she participated in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour on a tandem to raise funds for G.A.E.E.E.I.N. Victoria is a very determined lady and recently was one of the first women in Australia to obtain a gun license. She has a passion to uplift and empower young people and women from disadvantaged communities.

G.A.E3.I.N. was founded in February 2013 with pecic focus on the intrapreneurial network, which created a for graduates, non-graduates, employed or unemployed to connect with people already in the world of work to build sustainable networks. In April 2013 the founder of G.A.E3.I.N. was approached by a high school in Manenberg to develop and run a Moral Training programmefor 40 learners and we continued until the end of 2014. In 2015 G.A.E3.I.N. started running skills programmes and initiatives from the Druiwevlei Community Centre in Manenberg,
which is now open to all high school students and women from Manenberg and surrounding areas (Tambo Village, Hanover Park, Guguletu, Heideveld, and Mitchells Plain etc).