SATURDAY SESSIONS (currently running)

These sessions focus on the bursary/university/college assistance program “Sourcing and Securing Your Parachute for grade 12 students. Students are shown how to how to create their own Professional Profile, groomed and psychologically prepared for bursary interviews. G.A.E.E.E.I.N. received some funds and purchased a mathematics program that assist students from grade 8 -12 with mathematics. G.A.E.E.E.I.N. Alumni students pay it forward tutoring their fellow high school peers pure mathematics and mathematics literacy. Our first year university/college students also attend these sessions on Saturdays to do their research, assignments and print relevant documentation. The group meets on Saturdays at Saambou Primary School from 9h00-13h30.


The High School Readiness programme is offered in the 3rd school term, once a week to grade 7 learners to mentor them with the transition from primary school to high school. Learners become consciously and unconsciously exposed to numerous life systems during their schooling journey to grade 7. They are completing their primary schooling and are excited about progressing to high school. They may be naive not fully comprehending the new environment and the potential challenges they may face. Grade 7 learners would be seen by their peers as the seniors of primary school and the potential prefects. They believe they had reached an important stage in their schooling career (psychologically, emotionally and mentally). There is definitely a gap between the primary school and high school and therefore more so they need to be equipped with skills to deal with this transition.

This programme will be piloted and offered during school time at the Silverstream Primary School to primary learners. Learners will be evaluated in a team environment. All successful learners will be certificated at the end if the programme. The majority of our programmes are designed for young people providing a detailed theoretical and a practical approach. It allows the delegates to experiment by working through numerous exercises. This skills programme was designed utilising different learning and technological methods to captivate the delegate’s interaction and scaffolded the learning.


The Tunnel Project will focus on primary school children that are challenged due to their circumstances (poverty, single parenting, economics, abuse etc) and potentially seen by society as delinquents. These children are out there and somehow hidden or overlooked by their community, educators, family etc. They are physically there and somehow hidden in the mental, psychological and emotional tunnels of others minds. This project will apply a holistic approach by focusing on the child as a whole (family), addressing their challenges and applying various interventions to modify their behaviour in particular negative learnt behaviour. Also equipping them with life skills to navigate through their lives by becoming good moral students. Many of these children have never experienced a sincere hug or love and on this program they will be taught to love themselves and in turn learn to respect and love others i.e. their peers, family, educators etc.

The Tunnel Project will be piloted at Saambou Primary School to 50 challenged children who are in dire need of guidance and support.

The objective of the Tunnel Project is to equip these children to become good sustainable citizens and role models in their communities.


that is run annually in partnership with the Department of Recreation and Parks will be postponed until further notice. The Druiwevlei community Centre is currently being revamped.